Telecom Seed For Future (1) – This is Shenzhen !

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s story about my first flight, my first time to go aboard. This is Shenzhen, China.

yeaa.. it’s about my first experience in China. We are choosen by Huawei to follow the program -“Telecom seeds for future” in Shenzhen and Beijing. 

We flight from jakarta with Garuda Indonesia airlines to go Hongkong before shenzhen. I think hongkong is small country with a great sea and buliding. Look at this picture. you can see HK with sea and tall bulding.



when we arive, we are greeted by sea (pic above). But when we are on the road, the midle trip to Shenzhen, we see tall builing. Look like in the Jackie Chan movie. 



It’s my first time on the road with tunnel.



Finally we arrived in Shenzhen (SZ), China. 



yea… This is Shenzhen ! you can see so many tall building, trees on the side of road, multi nationals eterprise, restorant, and entertaiment place.







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